Trey Songz talks to Billboard about his sexy single “Slow Motion


Trey Songz talks to Billboard about his sexy single “Slow Motion,” currently No. 29 on the charts.
“Slow Motion” is about taking your time with a woman in the bedroom. But is it possible to have sex for too long?
“When you’re being intimate, you got to read body language. You have to know when a woman is telling you to give her more or less, pay attention to the details.”
A few years back, Diddy tweeted about being on hour six of a 36-hour tantric sex session. Would you ever attempt that?
“That’s unnatural. (Laughs.) But everything is better in slow motion. I did a campaign on my Instagram where fans [submitted videos in which] everything was in slow motion: people falling, Nicki Minaj shaking her ass in her video. People would send me all types of stuff, like an old lady getting hit with a baseball — that was painful.”
With your seventh album Tremaine on the way, how do you keep fans coming back?
“You got to re-engage people. Today, there are 800,000 artists dropping two songs a day. There’s so many ways to listen to music. To keep people’s attention, you got to work hard, be innovative and continue to give them good product.”

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