“I Rise, You Fall” by Neurospicy: American 21 Radio’s Newest Rock Star on The Playlist

Fans of groundbreaking music, rejoice! Neurospicy’s electrifying new single, “I Rise, You Fall,” has just earned a coveted spot on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. This powerful track will be spinning around the clock, with a special ROCK POWERPLAY feature at 1 PM Eastern USA time every day for the next month.

Neurospicy is the brainchild of Jason Kneen, a multi-talented AI and app developer hailing from Wiltshire, UK. At 53, Jason’s journey through life is as dynamic as his music. A dedicated father of five—Leo (15), Poppy (13), Ixia (11), Rosie (9), and Zebedee (6)—and a loving husband to Hannah, Jason’s creativity knows no bounds. His love for music, design, and lyric-writing has fueled his artistic endeavors, making him a standout in the experimental music scene.

Jason’s discovery of his neurodivergence last year—autism and ADHD—has profoundly influenced his musical expression. His work under the Neurospicy moniker is a testament to his journey of self-discovery, mental health struggles, and ultimate recovery. The raw emotion and authentic storytelling in “I Rise, You Fall” encapsulate his experiences with depression and addiction, offering listeners a powerful narrative of resilience and hope.

Tune in and let Neurospicy’s latest anthem, “I Rise, You Fall,” inspire and energize you.