Pop Shop UK previews the new album by Thirteen Being called Circadia


Thirteen Being is a collaborative project set up and run by Vincent Kane aka Vin100 bringing together his friends’ musical skills.

Starting out in London 2008 as Being, Vincent brought together friends who were musicians, DJs, producers and nightclub event organisers to craft a style electronica, which flows from dance dream and they call Inner-Space-Age.

The name Being was inspired during a long studio session that ended in drawing symmetrical patterns on white label records. This transformed into Thirteen Being to mark the move away from city life to the West Country in 2013, where they are currently based.

Vincent grew up surrounded by psychedelic rock during and graduated into enjoying Drum and Bass, Acid-House, Techno and Jungle.

In the 1990s as a teenager, Vincent loved DJing and promoting club nights. His Thirteen Being collaborators include soundscape producer Hector Hernandez with stage name Hektagon, instrumental knowledge from David Clark, technological input from Marcus Oaten and Breaks producer, DJ at Fabric, writer and arranger Mark Ford, known as Merka.

Doors were opened for Vincent after meeting Ambient House pioneers The Orb in the late 1990s and their Alex Paterson has continued to be inspiration and support.

This alliance led to Vincent co-writing The Orb’s track 2026, which is on their album Orbsessions Volume 2 with remixes by Vin100 and Being. Tracks have been licensed for compilation CDs and Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.56.50Vincent has performed DJ slots with Alex Paterson on Internet radio and Vincent was the DJ support at many of The Orb’s London gigs, mixing in Being recordings with experimental demo material.

Thirteen Being’s debut album Circadia has taken eight years to piece together the jigsaw puzzle of their story so far.

Circadia is described as an exploration of life on Earth, the spiralling Sun and Moon weaving the threads of time and space, waking dreamers, day walkers and night fliers dancing on the cutting edge of consciousness as we make our own way through the wilderness of modern life.

The 8-track Circadia is an album written by Vincent Kane and Hector Hernandez, produced and mixed by Vincent Kane at Pushin Plastic studio and mastered by Vin100 and Merka.

The record label Pushin Plastic started in 2004 as a partner project for the Pushin Plastic club nights in East London, run by Vincent Kane and featuring the musical works of friends and colleagues. Pushin Plastic are selling a limited (one of 375) run of clear blue plastic vinyl. Click on Discogs link below.

Thirteen Being’s debut album Circadia will be released worldwide on Pushin Plastic on 25 April 2016 with distribution from Universal Music Operations.



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