Hip Hop Music Video from Africa is a feast for the eyes


Adrenaline Clique is a Hip Hop group consisting of members TBS Putter and Indigenous, hailing from Tshwane, South Africa. Formed in 2008 after the 2 rappers met at school, Adrenalin Clique are a force to be reckoned with.

Single Artwork Adrenalin Clique

Their name is inspired by their incredible, energetic and “Adrenalin” invoking stage performances.


Their musical style, although consisting of International influence, is proudly South African, with most of the lyrics written in Sesotho. Adrenalin Clique are no newcomers to the stage and have opened for acts like PRO, K’naan, ESPN events alongside Khuli Chana and AKA and much more.

This is their brand new single – the quirky and catchy ‘Chineke’.

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