Chantel “Cece” Washington Releases New Hit Single

Chantel “CeCe” Washington – it’s a name that’s becoming ever more well known and popular these days, and for an excellent reason. Indeed, when it comes to some of the most stunning and talented music artists for 2021, we’re pretty confident that few have quite the same presence and artistic talent as this incredible young musician.

Her undeniable talent allows her to feel right at home anywhere – regardless of whether she’s performing on stage or recording a new single in the studio, CeCe Washington’s passion and skill ensure she is successful in any endeavor she puts her mind to. 

CeCe works alongside CFCF VIR2 RECORDZ and has worked tirelessly to ensure the success of her first EP single and music video, “Body,” which struck a chord in the music industry. To this end, the success of her first release has propelled her career to greater heights.

Her newest EP, “What is Love,” is due to be released across all major platforms for music shortly. The song is powerful and moving, taking the listener on a journey of triumphant wins and crushing lows, blending the iconic sounds of R&B Soul vibes with hip hop and gospel notes to create a sound that’s unlike any other.

CeCe Washington is an artist who, without a doubt, is here to stay in the music industry, and we can’t wait to find out more as her career progresses. Some of her events are set to include a live social media performance through Roku Television – something that we could all surely do with after the difficult year it has been.