Chanda Mbao–New Single–My Town now playing on Pop Shop FM


Born in the land of Zambia  life has taken this young phenomenon around the world. A self-declared rolling stone, Chanda has lived in Zambia, Spain and the United States.

Chanda’s journey with music began at a young age  with the classic album Doggystyle by Snoop Dogg. Later  Chanda would become enthralled with East Coast legends including Nas  who would become his favorite MC.
At the callow age of nine, Chanda decided that he could rap too and he began penning his first verses. Many rhyme books later  Chanda has now arrived.

Chanda’s time in Spain immersed him further into hip-hop culture teaching him about the elements  including breakdancing  graffiti and freestyling. It was here in Spain that Chanda first recorded in a professional music studio  first performed live shows and first released multiple mixtapes. As part of the Spanish/English bi-lingual duo Uny2, Chanda Mbao learned what it meant to connect with the audience.

Chanda fuses different styles of hip-hop and focuses on using witty punchlines and wordplay to keep his listeners entertained.  The next voyage took the teenage Mbao to Miami where he would attend the University of Miami to study Economics and International Studies. With these two majors  as well as minors in Mathematics and Foreign Languages  the stress of school  internships and extra-curricular activities seemed to take Chanda away from music but this hiatus was an important period in helping Chanda formulate the right plan of attack.

In 2013  Chanda brought you ‘Desiderata’  his first full mixtape. Launched on The Music Ninja and covered by

The brand new singe and video from Chanda Mbao is ” My Town”.


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