With controversial clown like aesthetics, ‘Klowniac’ is an American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and performer who puts out ‘Showtime’

Klowniac is an American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and performer. Self-described “committer of audio atrocities” creates its ear-worm sounds from scratch. Writing it’s own sinister lyrics while making the hypnotizing beats to go along with them. While it’s hard to pinpoint one specific genre, Klowniac has been known to combine elements of music, comedy, and horror in addition to its controversial clown like aesthetics to challenge the perception of its audience; showing viewers and listeners alike that you can’t judge anything just by how it looks. Klowniac’s single “Klown (with a k)” was released May 1st, halfway to Halloween, and was written, recorded, and performed by Klowniac alone.

The chaotic nature of the song made it fun to listen to and quickly became a favorite amongst peers. So much so in fact that despite only having one song at the time, Klowniac has gained over a hundred followers on Facebook asking for more. It’s debut album “Showtime” was released on October 1st 2021 just in time for the spooky season. The album combines elements of multiple genres including industrial, metal, hip-hop, jazz, and even retro video game sounds which is sure to satiate its fans need for more strange, unusual, and chaotic fun. There’s even a cover of the 1985 hit song Everybody want to rule the world which was banned shortly after its release for its lyrics that detail the desire humans have for control and power and center on themes of corruption. Duality is definitely a common denominator with this artist.

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