The new single ‘Manifest remix’ from ‘Tayler Jade’ with its atmospheric, vibrant and funky vibe is on the playlist now.

The music manager for American 21 Digital Radio said that he loved the new single ‘Manifest remix’ from ‘Tayler Jade‘ with its atmospheric, vibrant and funky vibe, dynamic production, beautiful strong vocals and four to the floor beats that are guaranteed to entrance you. This uplifting new single is now on the American 21 Digital Radio playlist and will be played day and night + as a special NEW MUSIC SUPERPLAY at approx 5:30 PM Eastern USA time every evening for a month or more.

Want to know more about Tayler Jade ?

TAYLER JADE is an American Pop/R&B singer-songwriter. Her debut “Dual Single” released on February 12, 2021 under her own label JADE ENTERTAINMENT climbed to the TOP 40 Media Base Activator Chart alongside the biggest artists in the world. Part One of her dual release “Temporary” and Part Two “WYA” seem to have connected with music fans worldwide, with over several million streams on all the major streaming platforms in only a few short months and continuing to climb. TEAM TAYLER is super excited to announce the release dates of her newly mastered originals, tribute tracks and EDM remixes in collaboration with several world class DJ/Producers to help make the Summer of 2023 the best ever!

“As a fan of music myself, I am humbled by all the love and kindness that me and my team have been shown as we embark on this endeavor. It really means the world to me and I cannot thank you enough. My music is my mission for social impact and helping children all around the world.” Tayler Jade

We have big plans and big ideas, and if you want to know more about my story and connect with me as we embark on this amazing adventure, I invite you to join our movement at

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