‘Sugar’ is the latest release from techno artist ‘Luca Draccar’

‘Sugar’ is the latest release from techno artist Luca Draccar, a 3-track EP that follows in the wake of his previous EPs ‘Soul Grabber’ and ‘419.’ The concept of the project is based on Draccar’s theory that “Life is a sugar pill.”

The psychedelic soundscape of the release is a force to be reckoned with, pivoting between hallucinogenic synthesizers and unforgiving exotic rhythms. ‘Love Is Killing You’ has a nostalgic presence with archive vocal recordings that flitter in and out of the track amongst brooding synths and avant-garde beats.

‘She Is Gone’ is an ominous opening, with rattling textures and panning synths. The twang of an acoustic guitar is raw, layered with sensual male vocals, and synth-laden noises. Every corner of the song brings something new, familiarity and strangeness brought together. ‘Come Closer’ is moody and modernistic, feverish and burning with heavy arpeggiated synth loops and jarring dissonance scattered throughout. Born and raised in Italy, Luca Draccar delved into the nightlife of Milan performing in clubs to techno lovers, before basing himself in Berlin to pursue his projects further.

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