Nicole Mercedes’ Latest Album ‘Dare to Love – Dare to Dream’ Calls for Love and Harmony on the playlist

We are pleased to announce that ‘Misty’ and ‘Sack Full of Dreams’ taken from the incredible new album ‘Dare to Love – Dare to Dream’ from Mercedes Nicole are now on the daily A-List playlist. Listen out for them on the playlist day and night + as a special DOUBLE POWERPLAY at 1 PM Eastern USA time every day for the next month or more.

Mercedes Nicole Has Released Her New Album “Dare to Love -Dare to Dream”.

Seattle-Based Jazz and Blues Vocalist, Nicole Mercedes has issued a call for the restoration of love and harmony in her latest album, Dare to Love- Dare to Dream.

The highly anticipated album, which is out now, features 9 sensational tracks ranging from 2:33 to 5:18 minutes in length. Providing far more than entertainment, each track on the album contains a powerful message that invites listeners to ponder the lyrics in the song to experience renewal, clarity, and healing. Nicole takes listeners on an exciting journey through:

  1. What’s Going On
  2. Save Your Love for Me
  3. I Love Being Here with You
  4. If it’s Magic
  5. Too Young to Go Steady
  6. Candy
  7. Sack Full of Dreams
  8. Rio De Janeiro Blue
  9. Misty

In the opening track, What’s Going, Nicole puts a Jazz twist to the classic cover made famous by Marvin Gaye. The singer is baffled by the inability of members of our society to resolve conflicts amicably, and the needless heartache that results when human beings react impulsively. Nicole’s warm refrain, “… Only love can conquer hate. We’ve got to find a way to bring some love in here today’ is haunting. On track 5, Nicole teams up with Harris Lemberg, Dan O’Brien, Brian Monroney, and Mark Ivester, to deliver a flirtatious performance of Too Young to Go Steady. It’s fast and charmingly infectious.

The last song, Misty, on Track 9- an Erroll Garner Classic is pure velvet. The gorgeous piano solo by Jake Sele, and the cooing flow of tenor saxophone player, Alexey Nicolave will have listeners feeling vulnerable, enchanted, and desiring to be found.

True to her reputation, Nicole connects with the message in each song. Her interpretation is riveting; her joy and pain are palpable, and she leaves listeners wanting to hear just one more. The song lyrics, combined with the captivating music and Nicole’s rich, expressive tone makes for an epic album that listeners will want to have on repeat.

Dare to Love: Dare to Dream released on Bonaberi to Paris Label, is a self-production of Mercedes Nicole. The album was recorded at the David Lange Studios in June 2023. It is Nicole’s first album since her 2020 release of Constellation. When asked about the motivation for creating Dare to Love: Dare to Dream, she explained: “Music is a powerful medium that has the power to promote healing, clarity, and change hearts and minds. This CD will not only satisfy the desire to indulge in blissful escape, but is a call to action, to restore beauty, love, and harmony, as well as evoke passion to create a better tomorrow.

Dare to Love- Dare to Dream is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, ReverbNation, and wherever music is sold.

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