Mindful Reflections: ‘Dat Aint Cool’ by Da-Mind – A Must-Have Addition to The Playlist.

Introducing Da-Mind, an exceptional voice within the realm of hip-hop, who defies the industry’s inclination to glorify a negative lifestyle. Unlike his contemporaries, Da-Mind envisions an alternative path. Rather than being enamored by rappers flaunting material wealth and extravagance, James focuses on the core essence of the culture itself. His mission is to instigate change and infuse positivity into the often murky realm of hip-hop. Da-Mind’s message demands the attention of all who encounter it.


Listen out for Dat Aint Cool’ from ‘Da-Mind’ now on the daily playlist + as a special POWERPLAY at 4:45 PM Eastern USA time every day for a month or more.

Through his music, Da-Mind effectively conveys to his audience the destructive nature of street life and its perpetuation of various forms of negativity. The task of transforming one’s mindset may seem daunting, but music possesses the power to break down barriers and impart wisdom to its listeners. Da-Mind serves as a representative of the streets, narrating stories that deeply resonate with us while presenting an entirely different facet of what is typically associated with “hip-hop.”

Life’s lessons have brought James Bussey to this pivotal moment. Driven by an intense desire for change, Da-Mind captivates audiences hungry for the wisdom embodied by this young artist. By pursuing his passion and introducing a fresh perspective to the culture, his movement transcends boundaries. With the right mindset, unwavering dedication, and unyielding passion, his efforts will undoubtedly prove worthwhile, leaving a lasting impact on a global scale. Da-Mind fully comprehends the challenges that lie ahead on his journey and wholeheartedly embraces them. When like-minded individuals come together, the message becomes unwavering.

Immerse yourself in Da-Mind’s latest single, ‘Dat Aint Cool,’ and delve into the profound depths of his mind. Experience it now and allow his music to resonate with your soul.





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