Megan L. Divine and Loom Angel drop album ‘Spectrum’

Megan L. Divine makes an organic album with the help of her husband Loom Angel who also does independent music. The album is about learning truth and being more optimistic. Spectrum is also about being divine with oneself and being grateful to be living. Each track has healing frequencies and one track on the album has crystals.
Amazing is a track on the album that zooms in on reprogramming the subconscious mind to have an amazing life.
The sound of the album is simplistic, relaxed and progressive.

Nothing’s What It Seems is a track on the album that is a little faster paced.. it is a track produced by Wyshmaster. The track’s lyrics refers to believing in oneself and their dreams and not judging so quickly by what one is seeing.. not assuming things are the way they’re being presented.. looking further beyond and questioning things.

Another track put as the last track on the album is called “Angelic Keyboard Melody ” which is a free – form instrumental track Megan L. Divine played on keyboard with easy listening windy ethereal sound effects. It’s relaxing to listen to but it also makes your mind open.

Megan L. Divine is a soprano vocalist, singer songwriter. She was originally born and raised in New Jersey and moved to New Mexico with her husband “Loom Angel” who is also a singer and songwriter/musician. In her very early 20’s she started a family and decided to start making her own music. Megan L. Divine does her music independently, and without a label. Her music has been described as being dreamy and angelic. Listen to her new album Spectrum


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