Marty Friedman talks new album, U.S. tour, music and technology 

On February 22, he will be playing at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, and on February 23, he will be performing at Crossroads Live Music Venue in New Jersey. “Best food in the U.S.A., so I know at the very least we are gonna eat well. We love playing anywhere and everywhere so New York and New Jersey will be as fun as anywhere else,” he said. Regarding his latest studio offering, One Bad M.F. Live, Friedman said, “My band just seems to be more and more fun with every tour, and I really wanted to have a proper document of what was going on on stage. I think the album is a pretty true representation of what our show is like, even though it’s different every night.” Friedman revealed that his plans for 2019 include a lot of touring in the United States and Europe, as well as some shows in Japan; moreover, he will play the opening ceremony for the Tokyo Marathon in March. Throughout his distinguished career in music, Friedman is known for his lead guitar work with such heavy metal bands as Megadeth and Cacophony, as well as his solo work. For aspiring guitar players, his insightful advice is as follows: “Don’t waste a second. Don’t get addicted to the Internet, and don’t get involved with musical discussions or arguments there either. Just play. Play in front of people as much as possible.” Digital transformation of the music industry On the impact of technology on the music business, Friedman said, “With all new tech, there are pluses and minuses. The biggest minus is the fact that artists have to be very creative with new ways to make money because no one buys music as they did before. The biggest plus is that it is so much easier to discover great new music than ever. They are about equal where it all balances out.” Regarding his use of technology in his daily routine as a musician, Friedman said, “Doing press for upcoming shows, trading musical files, working on new music, reviewing our previous concerts and making technical updates. We are constantly using tech.” Friedman defined the word success as “being able to make music that he loves, and that he can be satisfied with.” “Also, doing justice to it when it is performed. That is success,” he said. For his die-hard rock fans, Friedman concluded about his new album and tour, “We are going to kick you in the feels, Tokyo style.” His latest studio effort, One Bad M.F. Live, is available on iTunes. To learn more about acclaimed rock star Marty Friedman, his music and forthcoming show dates, check out his official homepage. Read More: Digital Journal favorably reviewed Marty Friedman’s album, One Bad M.F. Live.