Experience Musical Fusion: DJ Frankie G Presents ‘Closer’ – A Collaborative Masterpiece on the playlist

With each step we take, we inch closer to the realization of our dreams. This profound feeling finds its expression in the latest musical creation by renowned DJ Frankie G, titled “Closer.” With a diverse ensemble of exceptionally skilled artists, Frankie G assembles a remarkable team to produce a range of remixes. This lineup prominently features the talents of AJ Funk, accompanied by the seasoned skills of Homewerx members: Alex Perez, Bashar, and the innovative co-owner and founder of the label, Sizzahandz. This collaborative endeavor results in an exhilarating auditory journey that is sure to accelerate your heartbeat and set your feet in motion. Waste no more time – commence your voyage towards your ultimate ambition and secure your personal copy without hesitation.


‘Closer’ from ‘The DJ Frankie G’ is now on the A-List playlist + will also be played as a special POWERPLAY at 12 PM Midday Eastern USA time every lunch time for a month or more.