When was the moment that you knew you wanted to have a career in the music industry?

I have always been musically inclined. However the real turning point from hobby to profession came with the experience of performing my own  composition in front of a crowd of twenty thousand people, the crowds’ approval and their reaction along with the winning of the first prize in the competition helped me realize that my music can inspire and reach people outside of my grasp.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself working with top of the line artists more often. If this is so, it is because of my devotion to improving my crafts, and I hope my commitment to my crafts earns me a Grammy.

What’s a regular working day look like in your world?

I usually wake up at 7 in the morning, prepare breakfast and get ready for the gym. After doing my daily workout, I usually relax for an hour enjoying my tobacco pipe and coffee. I am now ready to hop on to the hot seat, at this point time is relative, If I have a project I need to work on I might work until 10pm or past midnight at times. But when I don’t, I generally just stay in until right around 9 or 10pm then cook myself a light dinner and get ready for another successful day in planet earth.

What holds back most artists from going to the next level?  

Many artists don’t apply a business perspective to their music. They expect to make money, just because… I’d like to find another industry that works like that, maybe I’m in the wrong business. Just kidding, but my point is it takes money to make money, many artists are not ready to invest in themselves and take their career with as much seriousness as you’d expect a lawyer or doctor to. However, this is what it takes, either it is a profession, or it is a hobby, the difference should be clear from the start.

What’s been your biggest achievement?

One of my biggest personal achievements was graduating as valedictorian from the School of Audio Engineers in Miami.