Rising non-binary artist ‘Damag3’ and their new song ‘What Happened’ a song that hits you harder than bricks

Dama3 has never failed to impress the audience with their musical pieces. The rappers know their way through words, beautifully expressing their thoughts and manipulating emotions to touch your heart. But what makes Damag3’s music stand out isn’t just the amazing voice and wonderful lyrics but the deep reality check that these reflect.

Hence, living to its expectations, the New Orleans rapper has now teamed up with the amazing Pertinence to announce another meaningful melody that speaks for the suppressed community of LGBT!

Something That Will Hit Hard

There are only a few artists or songs that connect with people and hence, Damag3’s new song What Happened is all set to hit you hard. The song is all about the struggles one goes through in life and how everything changes in a blink of an eye.

The rapper’s song portrays how they have struggled through their childhood and adulthood and now- within a blink of an eye, everything changed for them. How they have worked hard to become a singer but failed because it’s hard for someone who doesn’t love themselves to be loved by the most competitive industry out there.

Moreover, the song also voices the struggles of the LGBT community, a community that has always been suppressed and harassed. But why? Why can’t they enjoy equal rights? Aren’t they humans? What happened to humans and life now? What happened to the life that felt like a bed of roses but soon turned into thorns that pricked through your body?

What happened, the songs make you wonder where life is taking you, and hence, you will love it!

What Happen3d Can Never Change

Where life takes you, one can never anticipate. All you can do is wait for it all to happen. Thus, what is meant to happen will happen no matter how hard you try to overcome it. In addition, this is what Damag3 and Pertinence’s new song is going to teach you.

Life’s struggles are real! It isn’t easy for anyone, be it a hip-hop artist like Damag3. The challenges they faced, the questions life came up with, the young artist tried their best to cater it all with courage and confidence.

However, what is meant to happen, happens without you even realizing it. One day all you will be left with will be the realization of how it all happened and thus, this song is all about that! Damag3’s song’s hit hard because these show the truth about life, speak about challenges of the LGBT community, and many more, who have been through a lot in their life.

The song will help you heal. It will help you understand that not everything that has happened is bad and thus, give you the courage to stand up against challenges that life will throw at you in the future. “What Happen3d “is a song about you, about the artist and everyone out there who has struggled or is still struggling in life and thus, will help you get past the phase!