Pharrell Williams never ignores his hunches.

This story is from Pressparty

The global musician is behind some of pop’s most catchiest songs, and says it all comes down to his ability to tap into his senses.

Far from ignoring gut feelings, Pharrell embraces fresh ideas and advises his fans to do the same.

“Well, that’s because we are taught at a very young age to ignore our hunches,” he said when the British edition of Elle magazine quizzed him on how hard it was to vocalise a feeling.

“But there’s so much information in a hunch. A hunch is just your body’s natural reaction to something that is very real. It sends all sorts of different information through your body and you feel it. No one has taught you to listen to those voices. So, when you connect that to synaesthesia – for me, it’s colours and sound – then we have [something] very real. It’s 3D for us.”

Elaborating further on his creative process, Pharrell says music just falls into place for him.

The naturally gifted star has scored an array of top singles, a number one album and an Oscar nomination for Happy, which was written for the film Despicable Me 2, in the past year alone. Speaking about his career, Pharrell likens his musical ability to interior design.

“You know, imagine you just bought this house. You have some furniture in storage from you last place. You have new ideas, things you want to do. As soon as you walk in this room, do you know where you’re going to put this bed? You know where you’re not going pout the bed.

“Writing music is the same way – you just move things around until it makes sense,” he mused.

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